18 July 2018 by Azlin

CAAM would like to inform all helideck owners that, beginning 1 August 2018, all application for helideck certification can be made to :

Airport Standards Division
Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia
No 27 Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 4,
Telephone : +603-8871 4000
Fax : +603-8871 4335
Email : helideck_cert@caam.gov.my


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No Item
1 Malaysia Movement Control Order Impact on Helideck Trainings in Malaysia
2 Application for Deferment of TDPM Circle & H Lightings Installation
3 Application Form for Certification of Aerodrome (Helideck)
4 Helideck Certification Fee
5 Lists of Approved Training Providers
6 Helideck Courses Syllabus
7 Helideck Friction Test Service Providers
8 Helideck Inspection Company
9 Guidelines for Approved Training Provider
10 Requirements for Helideck Operations Manual
11 Requirements for Helideck Inspection Company
12 List of Certified Helidecks
13 Requirement for CAAM Certified Helideck Inspector
14 ASG 904 Standards For Helideck (Updated 7 April 2020)
15 Approved Helideck Lighting
16 ASD 105 – Safety Management System of Aerodromes
17 New Requirement for Helideck Emergency Response Team Members
18 H-ATO Application Form
19 H-ATO Application Form (Renewal)
20 Requirement for Installation of TDPM & H Lighting on Helideck
21 Flow Chart for Certification of Helideck in Malaysia
22 Guidelines for Issuance of HLL
23 CAAM Helideck Emergency Response Team (HERT) Training Standards
24 Application Form for Helideck Lighting Approval (Renewal)
25 Application Form (Renewal) for Helideck Inspection Company Certificate
26 Helideck Training Facility & Equipment Technical Specification
27 Day VMC Acknowledgement Form
28 Application form FT Service Provider