9 March 2020 by Ungku Mohd Faliq Ungku Yacob

The following Questions and Answers are related to Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

1. Can CAAM convert a foreign aircraft maintenance licence (AML) to a Malaysian AML ?

No. The conversion of foreign AML licence to Malaysian AML has been discontinued from 1 June 2016. Alternatively, CAR 2016 provides for validation of foreign licences in accordance with the requirements specified in Notice 1102.

2. How do I convert my foreign aircraft maintenance licence (AML) to a Malaysian AML?

CAAM does not convert foreign licence. CAAM only validate foreign licence

3. Why does CAAM issue Validation instead of Conversion?

ICAO ANNEX 1 allows contracting state to validate license issued by another state. In this respect, the CAR 2016 has that provision i.e. Regulation 35

4. How is the process of validation?

Under Regulation 35(6), CAAM has raised Notice 1102 to inform the public on how to apply for validation of foreign license.

5. Why does CAAM discontinue converting foreign aircraft maintenance licence (AML)?

There has been no provision for conversion of foreign licence in Civil Aviation Regulation CAR 2016.

6. How to work on Malaysian registered aircraft and certify for aircraft maintenance release?

There are two options for an applicant to work with an approved maintenance organisation and to certify for maintenance release on a Malaysian registered aircraft, subject to relevant conditions as specified in Notice 6501

i. Direct Issuance of Malaysian AML. An applicant for AML shall meet the requirements of Notice 1101 current in force; or
ii. Validation of foreign aircraft maintenance licence. An applicant for a validation of foreign AML shall meet the requirements of Notice 1102 current in force

7. Why don’t CAAM just continue converting?

If CAAM continues converting, we will be continuously functioning not in accordance with CAR 2016. Potentially this will also become non-compliance issue with ICAO.