24 February 2015 by Administrator

Airport Standards Directive ASD 101
Notice To Aerodrome Operator ( NOTA ) ASD 102
Volume I Certification of Aerodrome ASD 103
Approval And Registration Of Non -Licenced Aerodrome ASD 104
Safety Management System At Aerodrome ASD 105
Runway Safety Programme ASD 106
Control And Denotation Of Obstacles ASD 401
Control Of Obstacel At Aerodrome ASD 402
Marking Of Obstacles ASD 403
Lighting Of Obstacles ASD 404
Visual Aids For Navigation – AGL, Electrical Systems And Maintenance ASD 501
Visual Aids For Navigation – Signs ASD 502
Aerodrome Data ASD 503
Aerodrome Operations & Services ASD 504
Aeronautical Study ASD 505
Airside Vehicle Requirement ASD 506
Aerodrome Physical Characteristics ASD 510
Aerodrome Marking ASD 511
Strength Of Pavement ASD 512
Pavement Maintenance ASD 513
Visual Aids For Denoting Restricted Used Area ASD 514
Standards For Aerodrome Marker ASD 515
Aerodrome Emergency Planning ASD 701
Rescue And Fire Fighting ASD 702
Aerodrome Operating Minima ASD 801
Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plan ASD 802
Airport Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan ASD 803
Standards For Airstrips ASD 901
Standards For Surface-Level Heliport ASD 902
Standards For Elevated Heliport ASD 903
Standards For Helidecks ASD 904