18 July 2018 by Administrator


CAAM would like to inform all helideck owners that, beginning 1 August 2018, all application for helideck certification can be made to :

Airport Standards Division
Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia
No 27 Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 4,
Telephone : +603-8871 4000
Fax : +603-8871 4335
Email :

No Helideck Inspection
1 Application Form for Certification of Aerodrome (Helideck)
2 Helideck Certification Fee
3 Requirements for Helideck Operations Manual
4 New Requirement for Helideck Emergency Response Team Members
5 Flow Chart for Certification of Helideck in Malaysia
6 Guidelines for Issuance of HLL
7 Day VMC Acknowledgement Form
No Helideck Training Centre
1 SOP for Helideck Training Centre During Recovery MCO Period
2 List of Helideck Training Centre and Trainer
3 Helideck Courses Syllabus
4 Guidelines for Approved Training Provider
5 H-ATO Application Form
6 H-ATO Application Form (Renewal)
7 CAAM Helideck Emergency Response Team (HERT) Training Standards
8 Helideck Training Facility & Equipment Technical Specification
No Helideck Lighting
1 Approved Helideck Lighting
2 Requirement for Installation of TDPM & H Lighting on Helideck
3 Application Form for Helideck Lighting Approval (Renewal)
No Helideck Company Inspection
1 Helideck Inspection Company
2 Requirements for Helideck Inspection Company
3 Application Form (Renewal) for Helideck Inspection Company Certificate
No Helideck Inspector
1 Requirement for CAAM Certified Helideck Inspector
No Helideck FT provider
1 Helideck Friction Test Service Providers
2 Application form FT Service Provider
No Directive/Guideline
1 ASG 904 Standards For Helideck (Updated 7 April 2020)
2 ASD 105 – Safety Management System of Aerodromes
No Certified Helideck
1 List of Certified Helidecks