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Suraya Kulop Binti Abdul Rahman
Director of Strategic Affairs Division
Tel : +603 8893 4139
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The Strategic Affairs Division is the focal point for matters associated to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and international aviation industry matters in general. It coordinates responses for compliance to international standards and other obligations. The Division works closely with airlines and other stakeholders in aviation to facilitate the sustainability and growth of the civil aviation industry. The Air Transport Division also collects and disseminates statistics on aviation.


The primary role of the Strategic Affairs Division is to promote a sustainable, economic and efficient air transport industry.


Issuance of Air Service Licences, Air Service Permits and Dangerous Goods Permits
A license or permit is required for carriage of passengers, mail or cargo for hire and reward. In coordination with the Flight Operations and Airworthiness Sectors, the Division ensures that operators meet the requirements for an Air Service Licence or an Air Service Permit. Issuance of Dangerous Goods Permits is coordinated with Flight Operations Sector and Aviation Security Division.

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
Malaysia is an ICAO contracting state. The Division acts as a the focal point for ICAO matters and coordinates responses on standards and recommended practices, Safety Oversight Audits, training programs and aviation related events.

International Aviation
This Division participates in managing aviation issues such as liberalisation, ASEAN and APEC on a regional and international level.

Flight and Fare Approvals
In tandem with international practice, approvals are given for scheduled flights for summer and winter schedules. Approvals are also given for non scheduled flights, fares and cargo rates.

Statistics and Data on Aviation
Statistics and data collected include aircraft movements, passenger movements, flight delays, cargo, mail and investment.

Current issues on aviation
The Division coordinates current issues related to aviation such as environmental impact and Influenza A (H1N1).

Company and employment
The Division issues recommendations for setting up of an aviation company and on expatriate employment.