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Aerial and Sports Aviation Activity

Aerial and Sports Aviation Activity

Aerial and sports aviation activities – such as the flying of kites or unmanned aircraft – are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia. When flown in the vicinity of an airport or airbase, they may become a hazardous distraction to pilots especially during take-off and landing of their aircraft. Depending on their size and composition, these objects may be ingested by aircraft engines. This may in turn endanger lives and cause harm to the property – in the air and on the ground. Aerial and sports aviation activities must therefore be conducted with due regard to aviation safety given Malaysia’s busy airspace and landscape.


Type of Aerial and Sports Aviation Activities

1) Balloon (including hot air balloons)

2) Captive balloon (including hot air balloons)

3) Kites

4) Airships

5) Gliders (including powered paragliding / paramotor)

6) Parascending parachutes (including parasailing / parakiting)

7) Dropping of articles from aircraft in flight

8) Dropping of animals from aircraft in flight

9) Dropping of persons from aircraft in flight (including parachute jumping)

10) Fireworks display

11) Air show/air display

12) Formation flying

Aerial and Sports Aviation Activities Application

1) Applicants are required to email their application to sports.aviation@caam.gov.my
2) A link will be sent where applicants are required to fill up the form and submit supporting documents as per stated in the form.
3) Complete application and documents must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the proposed activity date.
4) CAAM reserves the rights to reject incomplete applications or late submission.
5) NOTAM will be issued after the application and submission of documents is complete and satisfactory.

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