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Legislation & Regulations

Safety Information

General Guidelines & Advisory

The Guideline and advisory aim to provide notices, directives, safety information and guidance to illustrate means of complying in Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia.

Safety Information

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1 SI 01/2021 - In-flight Loss of Control Safety Awareness
2 SI 02/2021 - Safety of Civil Aircraft Operating in Airspace under the Authority of The Republic of Sudan
3 SI 03/2021 - Latent Failure on Cabin Altitude Pressure Switches on Boeing 737 Airplanes
4 SI 04/2021 - Hazard during Presence of Water on Runway at Long Seridan STOLport
5 SI 05/2021 REV1 - Safety of Civil Aircraft Operating in Kabul Flight Information Region
6 (Superseded) SI 06/2021 - Enhanced Safety, Training and Maintenance in Preparation for Civil Aviation Industry Restart
7 SI 07/2021 REV1 - Harmful Interference to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and its Impacts on Flight Operations
8 SI 08/2021 - Inappropriate Manoeuvre After Touch and Go
9 SI 01/2022 - Approved Training Organisations Setting Up A Satellite Base
10 SI 02/2022 - Potential Safety Risk of Interference to Aircraft Altimeter by 5G Telecommunications System
11 SI 03/2022 - Undeclared or Misdeclared Dangerous Goods in Cargo
12 SI 04/2022 - Avoiding Wire Strikes in Helicopter Operations and Operations of Helicopter Passenger Doors
13 SI 05/2022 - VFR Flights Flight Plan (FPL) Requirements
14 SI 06/2022 - Active Conflict Zone in Eastern Ukraine along the Border with Russia
15 SI 07/2022 REV1 - Enhanced Safety Security Training and Maintenance in Preparation for Civil Aviation Industry Restart
16 SI 08/2022 - Pitot Probes Obstruction on Ground and Pitot Cover Hazard
17 SI 09/2022 - Ensuring Aviation Safety during the Fasting Month of Ramadan
18 SI 10/2022 - Unreliable Airspeed Indications
19 SI 11/2022 - Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations Flown Without Approval From CAAM
20 SI 12/2022 - Proactive Safety Management by Flying Schools
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