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Pilot License

Pilot License

Changes of address shall be made in writing by letter or fax. You shall quote your ATPL/CPL/PPL License and IC No. together with your new address. Address changes can also be affected when you next renew your license.

  • Lodge a Police Report.
  • Submit a new application along with the Police Report for the CAAM to reissue another license.
  • Pay a processing fee of RM 250.00.
  • Refer Lost/Damage Licence for quick guidance.

No, you cannot fly until you receive your new license.

  • Lodge a Police Report.
  • Submit a written application along with the Police Report, detailing your flying hours to the best of your knowledge. The hours shall be certified by the current company. If unemployed, by the previous company. The flying hours should be completed into categories in conjunction with the applicable license requirements. This is required in order for the CAAM to verify and endorse your flying experience in your new logbook.

For PPL – In accordance with Flight Operations Directive – Flight Instructional for Flying Club.
For CPL (A/H) – In accordance with Flight Operations Directive – Flight Crew Licensing and the training shall be conducted at the Approved Training Organisations.

The holder of a PPL may only carry non-revenue passengers (Flight Operations Directive – Flight Crew Licensing).

Training and testing requirements to revalidate a Pilot’s License varies depending on your Skill Test.
For PPL:

  • An applicant whose most recent C of T has expired by less than 5 years will be required to pass a Skill Test, the required items to be determined by an Authorised Examiner (AE) and agreed by CAAM;
  • If expiry exceeds 5 years but less than 10 years, the requirements are to pass ground examinations in Malaysian Air Law, Operational Procedures, HPL (if have not tested before) and Aircraft Type Tech and to pass Skill Test after Instructional Training Flight determine by CAAM.
  • If expiry exceeds 10 years, the applicant has to pass all the ground examinations (PPL/CPL/ATPL) required and to pass a Skill Test after Instructional Training Flight determine by CAAM.

For Instrument Rating:

  • If expiry exceeds 7 years, the applicant has to pass the following ground examinations and to pass a Skill Test after Instructional Training Flight determine by CAAM.
    i. Air Law 1;
    ii. Air Law 2;
    iii. Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrument;
    iv. Flight Planning and Monitoring;
    v. Human Performance;
    vi. Meteorology;
    vii. Radio Navigation; and
    viii. IFR Communications.
  • For multi engine IR, the Skill Test shall be conducted in multi engine aircraft.
  • For single engine IR, the Skill Test shall be conducted in single engine aircraft.

CAAM does not convert foreign licence. CAAM only validate foreign licence.

You have to revalidate/renew your license at CAAM One Stop Centre with the following documents:
i. Application Form;
ii. License;
iii. Log book;
iv. Medical Certificate;
v. Skill Test Form; and
vi. Payment.

  • SPL/PPL – RM 50.00.
  • CPL/MPL/ATPL – RM 125.00.
  • Skill Test – RM 500.00.

Example: For CPL = (RM 125.00 + RM 500.00) = RM 625.00

  • IR – RM 500.00.
  • Type endorsement – RM 100.00 per aircraft type.

No. The validity of your license requires it to be physically stamped at CAAM, get it signed, pay the fees. The license is considered valid provided the following certificates are valid:
i. Certificate of Test;
ii. Instrument Rating (if applicable); and
iii. ELPT.

Yes. Only CEO can sign your license for initial type endorsement.

No. However you must have academic qualification of five (5) credits in the SPM exam (English, Mathematics, Science and any two (2) subjects. If you do not have the academic qualifications, you must have a minimum of 500 flying hours.

The Frozen ATPL will remain valid for seven (7) years from the last IR entered in the license or in the case of helicopters, a helicopter’s type rating entered in the license.

Yes. You can sit the CPL/ATPL theoretical knowledge exams at the following ATO-FTO:

i. Malaysia Flying Academy (MFA) – Malacca;

ii. HM Aerospace (HMA) – Langkawi;

iii. Layang Layang Flying Academy – Kota Kinabalu.

iv. International Aero Training Academy (IATAC) – Malacca

v.  Asia Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA) – Johor Bahru

vi. BATS Aviation (BATS) – Ipoh

vii. Layang Layang Flying Academy – Ipoh

Only at CAAM approved foreign ATO. Currently CAAM only approved ATO-FTO, Czech Aviation Training Centre S.R.O.

You have to attend an Abridge Course at CAAM approved ATO-FTO.

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