24 March 2020 by Ungku Mohd Faliq Ungku Yacob


Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia intends to publish Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations. These regulations are a compilation drawn from current UAS regulations in effect in Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

The regulations pertaining to the AIC is intended to supplement the Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulation 2016 in regards to commercial operation or RPAS categorised as ‘Complex RPA’.

The AIC is accompanied by a Sample Operations Manual and Sample Operations Procedure (Library) to assist and be used as a baseline requirement for those who intend to apply for Authorization to Fly UAS. The AIC, Sample Operations Manual and Sample Operations Procedure (Library) are open for comment until 10 April 2020. All UAS industry operators are asked to submit comment via email to the following link:

UAS AIC and OM Feedback Form

As the AIC will be a prescriptive and mandatory. It shall be used for other agencies to set a baseline requirement for any UAS activities. In developing this document, it was recognized that there may be other agencies who may have Regulators within the agency. As such, inputs from other Regulatory Agencies is of most value.

After 10 April, CAAM will compile all comments on the AIC, Sample Operations Manual and Sample Operations Procedure (Library). Once the final AIC and Sample Manuals is released, the effective date of the procedures shall be 1 month after the publication date. The APPLICATION FOR AUTHORIZATION TO FLY UAS shall be done online and a 40 online questionnaire to ensure competency on theoretical knowledge of UAS operators. The Questionnaire shall be valid for 1 year and is applicable to each personnel handling the RPAS which is derived from legislation, operations, airspace, NOTAM, rules of air, meteorology and anything deemed fitting by CAAM pertaining to UAS operations.

The AIC and Operations Manual is made available for download via this link:

Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) Download
RPAS Sample Operations Manual Download
RPAS Operational Procedures Download
Application Form for Drone Or UAS Download
Drone Standard Requirement Download