24 February 2015 by Administrator

Mohd Hafiz bin Salleh
Director Of Aviation Security Division
Tel : 603 – 8871 4005
Fax : 603 – 8871 4052
Email : mhsfiz@caam.gov.my


The Tanjung Kupang aircraft accident in 1978 spurred the establishment of an Aviation Security Unit as part of the Airport Standard Division. Challenges and threats to aviation security were highlighted by the 11th September incident in 2001 and AVSEC was upgraded to a Division in 2002.


The Aviation Security Division is responsible for safeguarding domestic and international civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference, as guided by the ICAO Annexes 9, 17 and 18, as well as DOC 8973 and DOC 9284.


Aviation Security Programs are developed by relevant organisations to ensure that the level of security measures within an airport and at vital installations satisfies national laws and ICAO standards. This includes security requirements during airport construction and renovation. The program defines laws, standard and regulation of aviation security associated to Airlines Security Programme which is based on NCASP and ICAO regulation. The Division also reviews the standard operating procedure of security units and evaluates Contingency Plans.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air shall abide by laws, standards and regulations as stipulated by ICAO. The AVSEC Division processes and issues approval related to carriage of dangerous goods such as radioactive material, weapons, ammunition and explosive. Reviews of laws and operational audits are performed periodically to ensure safety.

Investigation function carried out by this Division covers unlawful interferences and incidents related to carriage of dangerous goods by air.

Intelligence information regarding aviation security issues from official and reliable sources is gathered, process, screened and circulated, to assist in the prevention of smuggling activities.

Training Certification endorses institutions and programs which are based on the National Security Training Programme. Subsequently, the Division also certifies aviation security staff as competent to perform passenger screening functions.

Annual Audit programs are conducted to organisations associated with operations closely related to aviation security, such as Regulated Agents, catering companies, ground handlers, training institutions, national carriers and air transportation companies. The Division liaises with these organisations to conduct survey, observation and testing,

Committee Membership of AVSEC officers includes:

  • Chairman of Sky Marshall Training Program.
  • Secretary of National Civil Aviation Security Committee.
  • Member of KLIA Security Committee.
  • Member of Working Group for Transportation of Dangerous Goods conducted by SIRIM Berhad.
  • Members of Working Group for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (SEA) by SIRIM Berhad.
  • APEC Transportation Working Group.
  • Senai International Airport Security Committee.
  • Member of Security Control on Atomic and Radioactive Source conducted by LPTA.
  • Cooperative Aviation Security Programme-South East Asia (CASP-SEA).