24 February 2015 by Administrator

DG Siti Noor Jehan Binti AG Mohd Saufi
Director Of Management Services
Tel : +603 8871 4207
Fax: +603 8890 1640
Email : jehan.saufi@caam.gov.my


The Division comprises three (3) sections, namely The Human Resource and General Administration Section, the Finance Section and the Development Section. Each section is headed by one Deputy Director responsible for the respective task. The Human Resource and General Administration Section is divided into five (5) units; the Career Development and Competency Assessment Unit, the Service and Administration Unit, the Information Management Unit, the HRMIS Unit and the Counseling Unit. Each unit is headed by an Assistant Director.

In the Finance Section are the Contracts and Procurement, as well as the Finance and Accounts Units. The Development Section is the smallest section without any sub-units.


The Management Services Division oversees the housekeeping of the department, including finance, administrative, service matters and welfare of the officers and staff.


Human Resource And General Administration Section manages service matters such as appointment, resignation, job confirmation and pension. Other associated activities are planning and management of:

      • The competency assessment program
      • Internal and external courses / training including Induction and BTN Courses.
      • Appointment of contract officers and renewal of appointment.
      • Updating and recording officers / staff’s information in the service book.
      • Updating the Departmental Personnel Management System (SISPEN) and Human Resource Management
      • Information System (HRMIS).
      • The creation of post for all levels and divisions in DCA.
      • DCA’s library resources and system.
      • Promotion for the closed service staff / officers in DC
      • Counseling programs
      • IT development
      • Disciplinery matters

Finance and Accounts Section plan and prepare the Department’s annual operating budget plan and manages operating expenditures. Bills, invoices, claims, salaries and allowances are processed by this section. Other activities are:

      • Preparing financial reports and audit statements
      • Managing acquisitions via quotations and tenders
      • Monitoring of financial management and audit inquiries
      • Managing computer and vehicle loan applications
      • Managing issuance of air ticket for the officer/staff on official duties and managing advance payment applications thereto.
      • Revenues collections

Project Monitoring Section monitors the implementation of development projects in
terms of physical and financial aspect; and reports the stages of progress to the management and ministry. Relevant reports and feedback on project condition are prepared for the ministry and central agencies on weekly and monthly basis. This section coordinate matters related to aviation sector development project and regarding land use by Department of Civil Aviation.

Information Technology Unit maintains and monitors the implementation of system application and manages IT resources including hardware, software and network capabilities. This unit assists in the coordination and implementation of the e-Government initiative at the departmental level. It also supervises and monitors ICT security in DCA including physical security, network security and computer lab as well as advises DCA’s users on IT technical issues.